Spiritual Attacks Fuel Our Growth

The Great Sage says,

“. . . Enemies are the source of tension of energy. Nothing can so greatly increase the energy as counter-attack. Therefore, why invent artificial obstacles when the dark ones attempt with all their strength to increase our energy?” (Master M., Hierarchy, para. 319)

Dark forces attack those who try to bring

• Beauty

• Goodness

• Righteousness

• Joy

• Freedom

But the Cosmic law is that such principles increase

• by actualizing them in our life

• by teaching the masses the benefit of such principles for all their life

• by experiencing organized attacks on these principles

Higher principles are like burning fires, and counter-attacks are like fuel oils. The more fuel added to the fire, the more explosions we will have. This is why the servants of darkness cannot understand why their attacks are increasing the energy and success of their victims.

Torkom Saraydarian

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