Covid-19 And The Fear-Virus

May 17, 2020 | Metaphysics

Like all viruses, coronaviruses slip into the body unnoticed and enter the cells which they turn into little duplicating machines that crank out virus copies. In a similar manner, fears associated with the virus can infect a person’s thoughts and turn them into duplicating machines that crank out more and more fearful thoughts, infecting those around them.

The Fear-Virus

We will call this mental virus a “fear-virus”. The virus enters through the mind in the form of messages of fear and panic transmitted by others. The first symptom of infection is a lowered vibration in the general frequency range of fear or anxiety. Now the fear-virus starts infecting the victim’s own thoughts, injecting its fear-RNA into each thought which then acts as a little factory, creating more and more fear to spread through the mind and infect more thoughts. First it only infects the thought “Am I going to live or die?”, but it spreads rapidly to thoughts involving family, finances, employment, food security, and many more. Each time the victim watches a fear-based news report another virus infects them and each time they think a fear-based thought more fear-viruses are created.

Infection Risk

The infected become vectors of infection for others by amplifying the messages of fear, especially through social media. Each fearful tweet and post is like coughing fear-virus in the face of everyone who reads it. The ones who are well-grounded in higher love vibrations will not catch the virus for they are immune to the lower vibrations of fear. Without a frequency match, there is no mechanism by which the fear-virus can attach. But those who are not solidly grounded in a love vibration can still be infected, especially through repeated contact with the fear-virus. It is particularly important for them to practice psychic hygiene so that any fear-viruses they pick up will be disintegrated and flushed out.


In order to keep things simple I have so far used the word “thoughts” when talking about how the fear-virus works. This is relatively true from a 3D perspective. From a metaphysical perspective, it is more literal. In the mental and astral planes, our thoughts produce actual forms which are called “thought-forms“.

When many people think about a particular topic, all of their thought forms collect together around that topic and create a gigantic thought-form that has significant power to affect the thoughts of individuals, especially when they tune themselves to its frequency by thinking related thoughts.

When our frequency matches lower-dimensional thought forms such as the Covid-19 thought form, we are essentially tuned to a station that is broadcasting the fear-virus. It is then able to infect our own personal thought-forms which float in our aura broadcasting their thoughts to us. Just like a virus, it enters individual thought-forms and gets them to start broadcasting that fearful frequency. Now the thought-form about finances begins to broadcast fear and the thought-form about food security broadcasts fear. As each new thought-form gets infected our general vibration lowers more and it becomes easier for the virus to spread.

Fear-Virus Hygiene

Luckily, there is a lot we can do to limit our exposure to the fear-virus and boost our mental and emotional immunity to it. Preventative practices include not watching news and socially distancing from fearful friends and family. A few minutes of reading a trusted news source that isn’t too emotional or fear-based is much less risky than watching the more emotional, sensationalist news on TV. When you communicate with friends and family, be mindful of how much time you spend discussing Covid-19 and observe the energy you are feeling from them. If you feel tight or anxious you are receiving a dose of fear-virus from them and it would be wise to redirect or leave the conversation.

Regular healing practices such as salt baths/showers, cutting energy cords, chanting OM, smudging with sage, energy sweeping, and meditation all help to flush the toxic fear-virus out and tune you up to receive the higher vibrations of love. Master Choa Kok Sui’s Meditation on Twin Hearts with Psychological Healing is a particularly effective way to do this. It very thoroughly flushes out toxic energy and thoughts and if done regularly will go a long way towards building immunity to the fear-virus.


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