Gallery Of Thought-Forms

Thought-forms are entities created by thoughts on the mental and astral planes. Every time we think a thought, we create a form that is visible on these planes. These thought-forms fill our auras and influence our thoughts and perceptions without most of us realizing it. If it is a passing thought, the thought form can dissolve quickly. But when thoughts carry a strong emotion and are thought repeatedly, they gain rudimentary consciousness of their own. Like any other entity, they have a will to live and what keeps them alive is having us think the same sorts of thoughts that brought them into being.

Once we have created these thought forms, we often enter a recurring feedback loop.

  • We think thoughts associated with them
  • They gain strength
  • They broadcast those thoughts back to us, hoping we will feed them by thinking about them some more

The more we think the thoughts associated with a particular thought-form, the stronger they get and the more they can influence us. Thought-forms can be of any vibration and their appearance is either pleasing or disturbing based on the frequency of the thought.

Thought-forms have been studied by those who are clairvoyant and can actually see them. These people have drawn quite a few of them so we can see what sorts of images we can produce with our thoughts. For example, the first image below is a thought-form for “sudden fright” and the second image is a thought form for “greed for alcohol”.

These images of thought-forms come from a 1901 book by theosophists Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater called Thought-Forms: A Record Of Clairvoyant Investigation.

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