The Whirling Technique

There are two ways of doing the “whirling the aura technique” or simply “whirling technique.” In the first method, use the will and imagine the aura being whirled clockwise 12 times. The tongue must be connected to the palate when doing the whirling technique. Silently affirm, “I decree that all psychic attacks and psychic contaminants will be deflected or flushed down to the earth. So be it.” Whirling the aura technique causes the psychic attack or destructive psychic energy and psychic contaminants to spin off or flush down to the earth. The effect of the whirling technique using will and imagination lasts for four to six hours or more, depending on the skill of the practitioner. This technique is very effective when one is verbally abused or psychically attacked. It is partially similar to the rooting technique which uses the earth as a diversionary psychic target.

Another way of doing it is by physically whirling or turning the body clockwise 12 times. The tongue must be connected to the palate. Use the same affirmation as in the first method. The physical whirling is very practical and can be used as an instant form of psychic self-defense. Do not underestimate its simplicity. This technique works!

For people working in a stressful environment, the whirling technique may be applied two or three times a day as a form of psychic protection. You may use this before talking to an aggressive or nasty boss, before attending a stressful and taxing meeting, or before interacting with your estranged partner. Children may be taught this technique to protect themselves from the destructive energy generated and radiated by their parents’ marital discord.

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