How To Make An Auric Shield

How can I protect myself from other people’s energy? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in Facebook groups for empathic and spiritual awake people. As we go about daily life, people are constantly projecting energy into our energy body without knowing it. We often take this on and it lowers our vibration. Sometimes we even identify it and see it as ours.

We can always clean the energy body using techniques like Pranic Healing’s energy sweeping, but if we expect to encounter a lot of external energy it is sometimes nice to form an energy shield to protect us from ever picking up the external energy. Here is the technique for forming an etheric auric shield as taught by the founder of Pranic Healing, Master Choa Kok Sui.

1. Close your eyes. Be aware of your basic chakra or the base of your spine.

2. Connect your tongue to your palate.

3. Do deep pranic breathing. Inhale slowly for seven counts. Hold for one count. Exhale slowly for seven counts. Hold for one count. Continue doing pranic breathing while making the etheric auric shield.

4. Visualize or imagine a peach or light orange elliptical-shaped lamp in front of you. Imagine you have become small and you are entering into this peach elliptical-shaped lamp. Imagine you are inside it.

5. Internally see that you are completely surrounded (upper, middle, lower, front and back, top and bottom of the aura) by a luminous light orange transparent shield. With conviction, feel that the etheric auric shield is very strong and unbreakable.

6. Visualize or imagine the etheric auric shield as metallic light orange.

7. Continue doing the pranic breathing for about nine times.

8. Silently affirm, “I am shielded from all psychic attacks and contaminations. I am shielded from harm and danger. So be it. This shield will remain for a duration of 12 hours. So be it. This shield is impregnable and unbreakable. This shield is internally permeable. So be it.

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