Diversion For Psychic Attacks

The diversionary technique makes use of an object to divert psychic attack or contamination from the target. If somebody psychically attacks you, the negative thoughts and emotions can be harmlessly redirected to an object which is used as a diversionary psychic target. You may use a smoky quartz crystal or a black tourmaline as the diversionary psychic target.

Clean the crystal before using it. Wash it with soap under running water. Then rub it with your fingers for about two to three minutes under running water. Or you may put one litre of water in a bucket and two handfuls of salt. Mix them thoroughly and immerse the crystal. Rub the crystal with salt water for one to two minutes. Instruct it to expel all dirty energy into the water and salt solution. Dry the crystal.

You may further cleanse the crystal through the crown-hand chakras technique to remove all psychic impressions and programs.

1. Connect your tongue to your palate.

2. Concentrate on your crown and your hand.

3. Apply sweeping on the crystal with brilliant white light or electric violet light for about 10 times with the intention of removing all previous programs and all previous psychic impressions.

Creating A Diversionary Psychic Target

1. After cleansing the crystal, do pranic breathing using the 7-1-7-1 technique. How do you do this? Do abdominal breathing. Inhale for seven counts, hold your breath for one count, exhale for seven counts, hold for one count. Do this process for five cycles.

2. Direct your palms towards the crystal and continue doing pranic breathing for about 12 cycles more. Simultaneously instruct the crystal to absorb the pranic energy you are projecting.

3. Hold the crystal with your right hand.

4. Concentrate and softly but firmly command the crystal, “You will immediately absorb all psychic attacks directed to me intentionally or unintentionally. You will absorb all possible psychic contamination before they come in contact with me. So be it.” Repeat this three times.

5. “You will disintegrate all negative energies that are absorbed, and expel them into the water and salt solution. So be it.” Repeat this three times.

6. Stabilize the projected pranic energy or blessing by “painting” the aura of the crystal with light whitish blue. Stabilizing is necessary to preserve the potency of the crystal or prevent energy from leaking out.

7. After programming the crystal, put it in a bucket of water and salt. Two handfuls of salt will be enough. Water has the ability to absorb good or bad subtle energy. Salt further disintegrates the negative energy.

8. Change the salt water everyday and replace with a new one. The used salt water can be thrown into the toilet.

9. You may put the crystal in your bathroom.

Recleansing The Crystal

Water has the capacity to absorb dirty energy, but only to a limited degree. Therefore, it is advisable to change the salt water everyday because this has a cleansing effect on the crystal.

Reprogramming The Crystal

There is a tendency that the program implanted in the crystal may gradually disintegrate. It is advisable to reprogram the crystal once every seven days. Look at the crystal. Softly but firmly command the crystal as instructed earlier. The instruction should be repeated three times.

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